Cannabis Improves Mental Health — Benefits of CBD and THC

With mental illness rates skyrocketing, we’ve seen more and more people gravitate to using CBD or THC. While unsure about its effects at first, experts have seen tremendous success among those using CBD or THC products to deal with mental illness. Wondering how this is possible? Let’s take a look at how cannabis improves mental health and the many benefits associated with using these products to enhance your everyday life!

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Using Cannabis to Improve Mental Health:

As cannabis use has become increasingly popular over the years, researchers have been investigating how it truly affects one’s mental health. Can it be used to cure mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression? Many universities have been conducting research to gain a wider perspective on the issue.

One study done by the University of Washington discovered that it can significantly reduce anxiety, depression and stress. The study looked specifically at the quantity and different strains of cannabis consumed. After having participants inhale cannabis from the comfort of their homes, rather than a lab, they discovered that short term use greatly improved symptoms. They further explored cannabis use and came to realize that inhaling cannabis that was high in CBD and low in THC had the best results in improving mental illness.




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WEB SERVICES 🌾 #420 #i71 #deliveryservice #cannabis #weed #dmvcannabiscommunity (I-71 compliant) Check out our website for info Text (202) 9488873

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