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Three Layers Of Fun (With Plenty Of Rum!)

Three Layers Of Fun (With Plenty Of Rum!)

The CBD Barbados Surprise

Here’s a fun fact to impress your friends: the world’s first grapefruit tree grew on the island of Barbados. With this tidbit in mind, it might be “surprising” to hear that grapefruit juice isn’t included in the Barbados Surprise cocktail. But don’t worry; even if you love grapefruit-infused cocktails, the Barbados Surprise is a delicious tropical drink.

Do you know what makes our Barbados Surprise extra surprising? CBD, of course! The orange extract in our citrus-flavored CBD oil adds a perfect complement to this alluring cocktail’s fruity flavors.

CBD Barbados Surprise Recipe

The Barbados Surprise is one of those cocktails that’s all about presentation. When guests first see this layered drink, they will instantly be impressed by the separation of blue curaçao, orange juice, and grenadine. While it’s not challenging to achieve this beautiful effect, there is one technique new mixologists can’t neglect.

After you pour your grenadine and orange juice (in that order!), you must mix the blue curaçao with rum in a separate glass. If you just dump these ingredients in haphazardly, the blue curaçao will sink straight to the bottom. The inclusion of rum will “lighten” the curaçao enough that it stays on the top of your drink.

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